We're making progress ... 

With the help of some incredible people our home, greenhouse, and gardens are all taking shape at The Pond Beyond. 

"Lasagna" garden...

Layers of hay, alfalfa, bone meal, blood meal, manure and 4 inches of dirt on top. Most things really took hold and flourished. Nice easy way to put a garden wherever you want.

Foundation being poured ..

"Lasagna" garden at The Pond Beyond
Construction at The Pond Beyond
Construction at The Pond Beyond

Arches going up!


Our future home is a Quonset style home, a multi-use dwelling originally used by the military.


This design is more efficient than many traditional stick-built houses with less building material and more recycled versions of many of the building materials available. 

We are putting up the arches that will make the outer shell over our foundation. 

Arches going up at The Pond Beyond

photo (and assistance!) courtesy of Cory McAtee and family

arches 2.jpg
Scaffolding and arches being connected. Photo by Jane Wright
Close up of the arches fitting together. Photo by Jane Wright

A smaller arch in the front will form a mud room. The larger arch will make up the main living area of the home which will be partitioned off for different uses in different areas. 

Electricity and plumbing are still to come!


Weather proofing goes over the wood parts and windows go in the mud room along with a door. 

The lights inside make it look very homey :)