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Here at the Pond Beyond, Cyndi, Tim, Jane, Judy, Jeff and all the critters offer a place to get your hands dirty and learn about the natural world in a safe, fun, engaging environment. 

The Pond Beyond is  a work in progress and you are welcome to become of making it great!  Let us know your ideas 

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The Pond Beyond, Granite Falls, Wa Snohomish County, USA

We provide a uniquely engaging outdoor experience, inspire curiosity, creativity, sustainability and a joyful appreciation for the natural world.

foxglove flowers and trais at The Pond Beyond

At The Pond Beyond we have many critters- both barnyard friends and wild creatures who live with us on the property. It is also home to many species of native and introduced Pacific Northwestern plants. 

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The Pond Beyond is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Granite Falls, WA 98252

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The Pond Beyond is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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"I find myself walking softly on the rich undergrowth beneath the trees, not wanting to crack a twig, to crush or disturb anything in the least --- for there is such a sense of stillness and peace that the wrong sort of movement, even one's very presence, might be felt as an intrusion … The beauty of the forest is extraordinary ..."

- Oliver Sacks

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