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About Us

     The Pond Beyond is the dream of Tim Noah and his partner in music, and in life, Cyndi "Soup" Elliott. 

     In 2015 they purchased a piece of property in Granite Falls, Washington that had once been a quarry. The quarry had fallen to disrepair but there were still scars all over the land. Huge patches of asphalt had to be removed, concrete was broken up and hauled out by the truckload.

     Slowly but surely the land began to retake its natural shape and more birds and animals popped up every day to raise their young and live in harmony with their new human neighbors. 

Tim & Cyndi

    Tim Noah is an Emmy award-winning singer/songwriter and star of stage and screen. He was raised in Washington State in the country and has always made the Pacific Northwest his home.

     Cyndi "Soup" Elliott is a gifted children's entertainer, puppeteer, and educator with a masters degree in education. 

     Tim and Cyndi believe that if you want to make a difference in this world you need to walk the walk. Build places where you can improve the lives of young people and support the environment if you want to change the future of the world. It could really be that simple. 

Tim Noah photo by Lynn Beardsley
Photo by Lynn Beardsley
Cyndi "Soup" Elliott and donkey

Judy Dahlberg:
Ecosystem Educator and Restoration Specialist


Judy devoted 30 years to classroom teaching; 27 were spent teaching 7th grade science at Valley View Middle School in the Snohomish School District. Using habitat restoration as a tool to engage kids in making a tangible difference while learning about ecosystems became her passion in the last 10 years of her career. Now retired, she has so much more to give and is excited to continue her passionate work at The Pond Beyond.

JUDY Dahlberg bio photo.PNG
Tim Noah and Cyndi "Soup" Elliott The Pond Beyond

Our Home

The Pond Beyond isn't just our environmental education project- it's our home! We recently completed building a quonset-hut style house to live in. We've been living off grid for several years and we're excited to enjoy some of the creature comforts the new home will afford us. 

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