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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy the Pond Beyond.  

We are committed to securely processing your data and protecting your privacy while interacting with and after doing business with our company. We follow robust procedures for safeguarding your personal information in compliance with US law and GDPR. 
Information about You and how we collect it:
We only collect data which you wish to share by actively signing up for our email or physical newsletter, volunteering your time or expertise, or by booking an event or class and providing personal details for billing or shipping. Data you request for us to retain about you (which could include but is not limited to your name, email, credit/debit card numbers, bank account information, physical or mailing address, billing address, associates, related organizations, interests in upcoming projects, or phone number) is stored securely on sites using up-to-date security certificates. If any article of your data is stored offline it is stored securely at all times and cannot be obtained by any member of the public. 
What do we do with your personal data?
We use this information to send you news and information we think you may find interesting if you have subscribed to our newsletter. As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the State of Washington, we may occasionally solicit you for fundraising purposes. We may also contact you as a one-off if you request contact to answer a question, volunteer for a project, or book a class or activity. We may use your name, address, or other contact details like your email to fulfill orders for physical or digital goods you have ordered or won by actively entering a contest. If you provide contact information for your own organization or company we may contact that organization or company in the future with similar needs, goods, services or activities. We may use your debit/credit card information to process orders you have initiated in compliance with all applicable laws including chargeback rights for consumers who wish to dispute a transaction or charge. 
Terminating Contact and Deleting your Personal Information
If in the future you wish to terminate contact you may do so at any time. Request termination of contact or termination of the request for future contact via email, letter, phone call, or form submission and your request will be honored within 30 days. Any data about you contained offline will be shredded securely. Any online data will be purged/scrubbed from our systems online and internally unless as required by law. We may maintain financial records of transactions processed between you and our organization for up to 7 years. 
You have the right to be forgotten. If you request that your information is removed from our database we will comply within 30 days. Any material you submitted to the website under any public forum, such as in comments, will remain unless you remove it. You may delete any of your own public comments at
any time. You may request that we remove you from our database after contact, opt-in, or purchase in writing, email, by phone or in person. 
If you create a username and password for this website and record any of your personal data within that profile you may retain and reuse that data for your own personal use later. If you disable your personal profile or request that information about you is removed from our database or site we will comply with requests to remove/scrub your personal data or objections to data retention or use. 
Data Sharing
We do not share your data with 3rd parties that are not essential to doing business together. An example of sharing sensitive data that is essential to doing business would include submitting your debit or credit card number to our card processor for payment. All financial transactions are processed securely using sites with valid security certificates or using secure payment terminals in-house. An example of sharing your non-sensitive data would include providing your name and address to the postal service to transport your physical purchase to your requested mailing address. 
No one can purchase or freely acquire information about you from the Pond Beyond. Your data and personal information will never be shared or sold. We maintain internal policies in compliance with current international regulations regarding the safe and secure storage of any personal information with which we are trusted. Only a court or legal order to release information can compel our company to release any detail about you; that information can only be released to a legal authority. 
Contact and Termination
If you opt in to receive our newsletter or other communication we will contact you using the method you request. You must opt in to receive contact. If ever you wish to terminate contact you may do so by calling our phone number as listed on the site. You may opt out in writing; you may write us a letter or send an email. Simply advise us of the method we currently use to contact you and that you wish to terminate contact or be removed from our mailing list or newsletter. Contact will cease within 30 days of your request. You may opt out of our newsletter at the bottom of any newsletter you receive in your inbox. You may also opt out by visiting our website and clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom. 
Data Protection Officer
Data is controlled by our organization, our data protection officer is Tim Noah. For additional questions or feedback regarding internal data protection and privacy you may contact our designated Data Protection Officer by sending a letter or email with the subject Data Protection Officer or addressed to our Data Protection Officer (DPO). You may use . You may inquire with our DPO as to which information we currently have collected about you and you may request directly from the DPO to have any information redacted, removed, corrected, or restricted. 
Cookies and Data Collection 
Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience and gauge the effectiveness and ease of use of our site. You can turn cookies off in our site on the home page by selecting “Cookie Management” at the bottom. The data we track using cookies is anonymous and does not specify any one user or provide personal details about any individual. The aggregate information is used to help us determine who uses our website and how they use it. Any Do Not Track requests initiated by you are followed. If you opt to turn cookies off the site may not function as intuitively but it will still work.


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