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Looking for the perfect recipe for real, live family-friendly fun? It’s The Cyndi Soup Show -  a one-of-a-kind intergenerational interactive musical experience! 

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With sing-along songs, wholesome humor, participatory dance, stories, puppetry and more, Cyndi Soup has a special way of engaging audiences of all ages. No wonder she is the featured performer at Remlinger farms! 


Cyndi Soup helps create happy memories and gives families something genuine to smile about - Each other! 


Through thoughtfully crafted songs and stories and by example, Cyndi Soup shares her love and respect for all creatures great and small and encourages audience members to participate in the creative process.


Looking for the perfect recipe for a fun filled family friendly interactive musical experience? Bring Cyndi Soup to your next celebration or special event!

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More About Cyndi Soup

Cyndi “Soup” Elliott has a Masters in Arts and Education. She is an actress, writer, composer, teacher, artist and puppeteer and has dedicated her life to working with children. She is the cofounder and coartistic director of Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater. Cyndi and Tim Noah are now creating The Pond Beyond - an environmental arts and education center located in the Cascade mountain foothills.

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Parties & Live Shows
Hooray It's Your Birthday!

Book Cyndi Soup at your private birthday party. Cyndi Soup, Rustle Crow and their puppet friends will delight your little birthday boy or girl with interactive songs and stories. Cyndi can even face paint children in attendance.

Birthday Cake
Live Show
The Cyndi Soup Show

Cyndi Soup brings to your school her friends including Uh Oh Puppy and Rustle Crow, for a 45 minute musical performance filled with songs, dance, and audience participation!

Live Show
Don't Bug Me!

Cyndi Soup, Tim Noah, and their puppet friends take you on an imaginative interactive storybook adventure where you'll discover the wonderful world of bugs. Featuring songs composed by Tim Noah and Ken Morrison, for the Emmy award winning educational series "How 'Bout That"- KOMO TV (ABC)

Live Show- The Wazzie Wodle World of Tim Noah with Cyndi Soup

Through humor, chutzpah, larger-than-life theatrics and award-winning songs, Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup transport children and adults to a colorful and captivating Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle World of possibilities. It's a living, breathing, walking, talking, singing dancing, imagination celebration! Tim Noah touches the hearts and minds of all ages, inspiring them to believe and folow their dreams.  

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School Assemblies
School Assembly
Anything is Possible

Emmy award-winning songwriter Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup demonstrate the art of songwriting. In this captivating 55 minute presentation, Mr. Noah shares his creative process. With songs, storytelling and his unique ability to engage his audience, Tim and Cyndi inspire encourage, delight, and invite students and staff to sing, dance, express, create and dream!

School Assembly
Live Show 
The Critter Choir

If you love animals you'll get a kick out of a little donkey named Taco and the Critter Choir Traveling Petting Farm. At the headquarters of clown superstar, Boggle McBig, Taco's bottom bumps the wrong button, the elevator door opens into an exclusive restaurant and the critters create quite a stew. Ai Carumba!

School Assembly
Big Trouble

Tim Noah, Cyndi Soup bring you a 50-minute Respect and Self Esteem Assembly! Tim Noah and his uplifting songs inspire all ages to believe in themselves and walk proud. 

     Judy currently works at Valley View Middle School teaching science to some of the brightest students in Snohomish County. 

School Assembly
Singer-Songwriter in Residence

Write your own School Song with Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup! In a one-day, two-day, or three-day workshop, Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup will work with your students to help them write a meaningful and musically exciting school song. We will provide your school with a CD of your song with vocals along with an accompaniment version for use in the classroom. 

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